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Especially for Babies


Document all of the changes and milestones your baby goes through from birth to one year. This plan includes 3 standard studio sessions to take place during your baby’s first year, typically newborn (up to 4 weeks) or 3-4 months, 6-8 months, and 1 year. ($300 session fee)

Newborn: Ideally this session takes place at about 1 week old. It’s all about capturing your baby’s brand new tiny features. We like to photograph them while they’re still sleepy and all curled up – this generally means within the first two weeks. We will photograph a newborn up to 4 weeks, but you will most likely not get the same curled up poses after about the first two weeks.

6-8 Months: By now your baby is sitting up and is super expressive. This session is all about capturing those expressions that you know and love.

One Year: In this session, your baby is usually standing, crawling, and sometimes walking. This session captures your baby’s new independence and curiosity. If your baby is really mobile, this session may take on a photojournalistic feel.

Note: If you miss the newborn window, and still want to do the Baby’s First Year sessions, we can substitute a 3-4 month session when your baby is pushing up on his tummy.



B o o k   S e s s i o n
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